Vibration, dynamics and noise

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VDN Newsletter 2018-II 2018/12/13 View Foundation design, VDN video, motion amplification, wedge clamps, digital reliability, LNG piping integrity, pipe strain
VDN Newsletter 2018-I 2018/09/01 View Resonance revealed, plunger pump vibration, piping vibration screening, BETA anniversary, upcoming webinars, courses and papers, staff updates
VDN Newsletter 2016-2 2016/12/13 View Pipeline repair, new piping vibration assessment web tool, new guidelines for high-speed compressors, surge control, shaft alignment, noise risks, fatigue failure assessment, vibration clamps
VDN Newsletter 2016-1 2016/07/26 View Vibration, dynamics & noise - a new service line; AIV: API 521; DamperX™ solutions; subsea vibration risks; surge calculator; research update; events
2012 01-1 2012/05/10 PDF A time of growth and expansion, Beta's expanded services, Introducing Dr. Kamal Botros, Surge Control Analysis for Centrifugal Compressors - Dynamic simulation to assess the ideal solution, new resear
2011 01-1 2011/02/10 PDF Torsional video, transient condition, small bore, transient vibration, reliability risk, dataminer, software, end winding resonance, generators, Asia, compressor performance training
2010 01-1 2010/02/10 PDF DataMiner2 analysis tool over entire compressor operating envelope for more accurate vibration study , Torsional Vibration Tips, Gas Pipeline Modifications Cause Big Surprises - Case Study, Bottle Siz
2009 01-2 2009/08/10 PDF Small-Bore Piping Failure, Pulsation Forces, Pulsation Bottle Sizing, Centrifugal Vibration Problems-AIV and FIV - Case Study, Specialty Gases-Design Challenge for Reciprocating Compressors - Technica
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